Kanzan – bringing companies and investors together

Welcome to Kanzan, an IR communication agency with headquarters in Lund, Sweden, and operations throughout the Nordic region. The company was established on October 1st 2018 by CEO Alex Stone, and now connects more than 60 companies and an experienced network of skilled team members in Skåne, Stockholm and Uppsala.

We create a bridging point for listed companies in the Nordic Countries, helping them to get their message out to local investors and to connect with English-speaking investors all over the world by means of top-of-the-line communication and media services, including filming, translation and creation of marketing content. One of our foremost characteristics is our flexibility: whatever the specific needs your company has with regard to IR communication, we will adjust and adapt to meet them.

Showcasing the grains of gold

Through transparent communication, investors and shareholders can make informed decisions and find the true grains of gold on the market. Our vision is to provide an accurate and complete financial and operational coverage of the most attractive up-and-coming Nordic businesses. We dedicate special attention to Sweden, Finland, listed and unlisted companies in Denmark, and the Nordic Gaming sector.

Expand your reach

The basis of a company’s communication with the market should be speedy, relevant and reliable information, that builds trust. Through our various services, we can assist you in a reliable manner and with attention to details. We master the entire chain of communication, and we are well versed in how your message should be framed and distributed to reach the right groups of investors, spark interest and build long-term confidence.

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The Kanzan Team