Transtema started its journey in 1997 and was until 2015 a strong regional supplier of communications infrastructure services in the Gothenburg region. On the back of demand and requests from our larger national customers we started expanding nationally, both organically and through acquisitions, becoming one of the leading suppliers in Sweden to the larger communications infrastructure owners while maintaining our local and regional customer bases. Through the acquisition of Ericsson Local Services in 2018 we added the leading field services business in Sweden, complementing our service offering so that Transtema can plan, construct, build, operate and maintain communications infrastructure for our customers nationally. In 2017 we took our first beach head abroad through an acquisition in Norway and in 2018 we announced that we are entering the Danish market in 2019 through an agreement with TDC, the leading Danish incumbent. Our future growth will primarily come from markets outside of Sweden as we believe firmly that communications infrastructure investments will grow dramatically in the years to come in large markets like e.g. Germany and the UK.


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What have been the milestones so far in your company development?

During the past years, AcouSort has achieved several very important milestones that pave the way for further development of the company. In 2018, we signed a contract with our first OEM partner. And later that year, our bench-top instrument AcouWash was nominated as one of the top 10 innovations of the year. We also received a CE-marking for the AcouTrap system.

In 2019, AcouSort had a strong focus on reaching out to potential customers and collaborators to spread the word about our innovative technology and its many possible applications.

We have participated in numerous tradeshows as well as scientific conferences. Here we met researchers, instrumentation companies and medical device manufacturers, initiating new collaborations around the globe. These activities have generated a significant interest for AcouSort, resulting in instrument placements as well as new collaborative research projects. Some of the highlights of the year was the initiation of the AcouPlast project, the CE marking of the AcouWash system, publication of seven new application notes for our products AcouTrap, AcouWash, OEM Plasma optical as well as the signing of a distribution agreement in Japan.

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What are your most important markets, segments and customers?

AcouSort provides innovative and flexible solutions for sample processing of a variety of biological samples. There is a high demand within the research community as well as for the product development segment. We see a great potential in the expansion and sales of OEM components to research instrumentation and medical device companies, enabling research and development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics.

We see exciting possibilities for our technology generating breakthrough science by supporting researchers all the way from early biomarker discovery throughout the development process to a final product. The healthcare segment is where AcouSort’s technology will have the greatest impact. Here AcouSort will provide solutions for automated sample preparation for point-of-care diagnostics. Our technology will also provide crucial tools for research and development of new diagnostic markers as well as new therapeutics within the areas of cancer and immunotherapies, infection medicine, transplantation and cardiovascular disease.

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Where do you see the company five years from now?

AcouSort will have established Acoustophoresis as one of the preferred methods for automated point-of-care sample preparation. This is the first step towards becoming a global gold standard. This will be achieved through academic partnerships as well as through our strategic collaborations with large life-science companies. Five years down the road, AcouSort will have expanded the OEM product portfolio from the OEM plasma series to support more advanced applications, such as automated CTC separations. We are expecting to see an increased number of products with our proprietary acoustic technology established in the market. Our research instruments will have matured and been developed to meet a broader customer range than today and we expect to have established global sales channels.

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What are your priorities within 2020/21?

Our current priorities are to continue working with and focusing on:

– Penetration of the healthcare market within research and diagnostics with our AcouOEM solution

– Application development for our OEM solutions as well as our research instruments

– Placing our instruments at key opinion leaders, helping them achieve breakthrough science using our technology by providing them with excellent customer and application support.

Through partnerships and further technology maturation, we will gain market acceptance and recognition paving the way for becoming the gold standard for automated sample preparation.

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Why should one consider adding your company into their portfolio?

The global point-of-care market is valued at 28.9 Billion USD with an expected CAGR of 7-10%
(2019). The global cancer therapy market is valued at 221 Million USD with an expected CAGR
around 8% for the coming years (2018).

AcouSort’s offering of automated on-demand sample processing goes hand in hand with global
healthcare trends of point-of-care diagnostic expansion and development of novel personalized

therapeutics. Addressing these challenges in an effective way is essential to manage the
pressure on society associated with the increased costs of care driven by aging populations and
novel advanced treatments. With our integrated sample processing, AcouSort enables the
expansion of point-of-care diagnostics and personalized medicine while also managing costs.
This unique offering attracts interest from a wide variety of life-science companies for integration
of AcouSort’s OEM components in novel diagnostic and therapeutic devices. As has been
demonstrated, AcouSort offers solutions for a number of the healthcare challenges of the